Serving Greenpoint since 1937, Greenpoint Frames provides museum grade services to a broad audience: from professional collectors, to proud parents, to hoarders of ephemera. We use archival grade materials and processes in each of our projects.  Archival framing is a nuanced and complex world. Put simply, there are three indispensable components to an archival frame project: Glass, Matting, and Mounting Materials.Archival framing materials99% UV protecting glass or acrylic is a key component in all archival frame projects. Without this protection your artwork is subject to harmful UV rays that can fade bright colors or brown lighter colors. We use only Tru Vue glazing products in our shop because they represent the gold standard of conservation glass and acrylic, and are used by museums and galleries around the world. Many of these glazing options have anti-glare properties in addition to UV protection. We will help you decide which glass or acrylic is appropriate for your project.UV protection products100% Cotton Rag is the time-tested conservator’s choice for archival matboard. While there are other more recently developed materials widely used in archival framing, such as alpha cellulose, cotton rag is the only one in use for enough time to prove its longevity. We use both alpha cellulose and cotton rag matboards, but only use mats and backing materials produced by Bainbridge and Rising, two of the highest quality archival material producers in the world. If you have a material preference, please let your framer know, otherwise we will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the perfect mat for your project.

100% Cotton Rag archival matboard

We use a wide array of archival materials when mounting your artwork. All adhesives used in an archival mount will allow future framers or conservators to remove the mount without damaging the artwork. Our years of experience and training help us determine what combination of hinging tissues and adhesives will provide proper mount strength and invisibility.