Unfortunately, due to the care we take in design and construction,  we cannot provide quotes for individual projects without in-person consultation. It may seem odd to say, but we’re sort of proud of this fact. As designers and craftspeople, we are dedicated to finding the most appropriate combination of nuanced details that will truly complement your artwork, and will bring you joy for as long as you own it. If we were a one-size-fits-all kinda outfit, we wouldn’t really be all that excited about what we do.

In general, we can tell you as frame shops go we’re not the cheapest, and we’re far from the most expensive. We can also tell you that no matter how much you spend with us, as long as we are in business the work we do on your project is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Anything you frame with us you can expect to have for the rest of your life. All the materials we use are acid free and of the highest conservation grade, and we offer many affordable glazing options to ensure your work will be protected long term from the damaged caused by UV rays.

Please stop by the shop if you are able, we would love to discuss your project in detail. With us, there is never any pressure to buy; if you’d like to come in just to discuss options we’d be happy to spend the time going through this process with you. This will also allow us to give you the most accurate sense of pricing, and we can save your project details in our database for the future if you decide the timing is not right.

We sincerely hope you’ll visit us! We’re looking forward to discussing your project with you.